5 Effective Affirmations For Anxiety

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Anxiety and Depression Association of America conferred that about 40 million American adults are affected by anxiety every year. It is quite a massive problem to think it is 18% of the population and most of these cases lead to suicide if not treated appropriately.


People should be aware that it is vital to be treated early on to prevent anxiety from causing any permanent damage. Therapies are helpful for people suffering from mental illnesses, and some therapists use affirmations to help their patients cope with their illnesses.


Here Are 5 Of The Most Effective Affirmations Used For Treating Anxiety:


“You have control over your thoughts; therefore, you have control over how you feel, so you have the power to heal yourself.”

It is indeed challenging to deal with mental health issues as they somehow turn us into a stranger in our own house. They make us feel that we do not have control, that we are slaves of our own mind. However, anxiety doesn’t stop us from thinking about what we want, and learning an affirmation helps us regain our confidence in ourselves. If we believe that we have the power to control our thoughts, then gradually that’s what our mind will believe.


“Every breath I inhale calms my soul, and every breath I exhale takes away my worries.”

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Yoga and meditation help us to connect with our inner aspect. Yoga increases body awareness, relieves stress, reduces muscle tension, strain, and inflammation, sharpens attention and concentration, and calms and centers the nervous system”, Deborah Khoshaba Psy.D. We are encouraged to feel every movement, activity, and part of the body. We are even taught the proper way of breathing, and to train the mind to calm itself with every breath is useful in conditioning the mind. Proper breathing is essential in achieving good health and incorporating this with positive words can effectively counter the negative effect of anxiety.


“My feelings matter, so I need to concentrate on aspects of life that make me feel good.”

We all need to be reminded that troubles and difficulties are a part of life no matter what we do. There is no running away from them. It is true not only for people suffering from anxiety but for everyone. We all need to embrace the fact that there are bad things around us, but we don’t need to focus on them. We have to learn to focus on the good stuff, so we fill our mind with positivity.Managing stress and ensuring a routine of plentiful, high quality sleep are critical to protecting your health”, suggested Michael J Breus Ph.D.


“I am free of anxiety, and I won’t let it get a hold of me again.”

Only we get to decide for ourselves, and letting anxiety rule over us is our choice. Either we take a step to break free or continue to be controlled by it. If we allow anything to stay within us for too long, it becomes a part of us, and it becomes harder to let go even though we are suffering. We always have to be reminded that only we can free ourselves.


“I am stronger than the anxious mind that’s trying to control me.”

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We have to acknowledge our strength and power over ourselves. It is the first step towards battling with what’s pulling us down. If we practice this and succeed in empowering our confidence, then we can overcome whatever negative feeling is trying to take over us.


It is said that “The ship doesn’t sink because of the water around it but because of the water that gets inside and weighs it down,” so it is essential that we let anxiety out of our head and prevent it from getting inside again. We are the captain of our ship, and we are in control, so it is really up to us whether we let it sink or not.If your anxiety feels overwhelming or difficult to manage, consider seeking mental health services, as professional treatment for anxiety can be very effective for many people!” said Jennifer Sweeton Psy.D.