Which Type Of Therapy Works Better For Mental Health Needs?

With all the information you can get from the internet and other sources, you know that there are lots of types of therapy. With that, you probably think which of those work better with your mental health needs. Let’s try to understand the most commonly used therapy that perhaps you or someone you know already tried once in life.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Regardless of where your location is, CBT is often the recommended choice. That’s because it is the only therapy that shows a statistically proven result in a short-term period. Sessions only take up five to eight meetings depending on your mental health needs. In some events, it allows an excellent chance of seeing improvements in mental health over time. That’s perhaps the reason why most socialized areas of medicine in the world use the method. It is best in treating generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or any substance abuse issues. CBT works so well with those specific mental issues because the core of the process supports the correction of a faulty way of thinking. So when there’s an automatic negative thought that lingers in your head, the therapy works and tries to figure out where that negative thought is generating from, so it can change it.

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

DBT is typically intended to treat borderline personality disorders. It works perfectly better with that particular condition. But another good thing about DBT is its essentials as CBT where it addresses emotional regulation. Since most people are getting burnt with their emotions and become super sensitive about almost everything, the method becomes the best fit for that. The emotion regulation component is so vital in clearing those things that control your action and hurt you emotionally. Aside from that, DBT is also great in addressing conditions like eating disorders and substance abuse problems. In fortunate circumstances, some therapists use the method to help those people with schizophrenia to allow them to get better as well. DBT helps in finding and working through past experiences too. These include early childhood memories that affect the current emotional, behavioral and mental state. It merely allows people to process through what’s happening with their lives and situations.

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Talk Therapy

Talk therapy tries to encompass what most treatments do, and that is to have a mutual conversation with a patient. And the reason why most therapists often find it comfortable to use is because of its natural social approach. Professionals usually attempt to have talk therapy sessions because of significant factors. Perhaps they don’t have a complete diagnosis of the person’s condition, and they may not know precisely why people seek help. Yes, these professionals know that their patients are struggling with something, but still, it is not enough foundation to conclude a mental health issue. We can assume that talk therapy addresses mood disorders. That’s because the process is not mainly for severe mental health conditions. There’s a comprehensive and full treatment for that situation. However, if you are feeling anxious and depressed, of having communication issues with people, talk therapy is an excellent fit for those needs. The reason why talk therapy works great is that most of us are not exactly looking for answers. We are only looking for someone who will listen without a biased judgment.

As you can see, there is always a full category of therapies. There are always some new ones that are coming out. That’s because it is a changing field and there’s still something new with the approach. So no matter what type of therapy is available to you, all of them are beneficial for all issues in their particular ways. Yes, there are some that get specialized, and it’s highly recommended to look out for those experts. But for those situations that you think is different, don’t think you can’t find the right therapy. Just because some methods are not specially designed to cater to what you are currently struggling with, it doesn’t mean it won’t help in addressing your issues. It will still help out and create a difference. As long as you’re working with the right process with your therapist, you can expect that things will somehow get better.

Tips In Dealing With Online Counselor

Are you having difficulty in connecting with your online counselor? Do you think it is challenging to open up to the said professional because of the remote environment? Is it a struggle to make the online sessions advantageous on your part? If you answered yes to these questions, then it is proper to conclude that you are struggling in online counseling. Do not worry because what you are going through at the moment is only a phase.


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Keep in mind that everything is just new to you, which is why you have a high tendency to encounter problems in this kind of arrangement. In this article, we are going to provide you on how to make online counseling work on your part. Before anything else, you must understand the fact that everything is not going to happen according to your will. You must know how to follow instructions thoroughly. Use the guidelines below to improve your sessions with an online counselor:


Get Proper Introduction


Even if your connection with the professional counselor is made only in a virtual environment, it is still best if you will find time to get a proper introduction for each other. During the first session, do not hesitate to talk to the counselor all the interesting things about yourself. Do not be afraid about what they might say because, at the end of the day, you are the one who is in control of your fate. Moreover, make sure to get as many details about your online counselor so that you can start formulating better ideas to improve your professional relationship.


Eliminate Barriers


You need to start thinking that everything is possible, especially when it comes to talking to a smart and effective counselor in the online world. Unfortunately, there are days when you will doubt the efficiency of technology in transmitting messages and calls for online sessions. Such kind of thinking can prevent you from enjoying the perks of online counseling. As such, it is time to let go of barriers such as negativity. Believe that you can still have an excellent session even if you do not have a face-to-face encounter with the counselor.


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Be Honest At All Times


During the online sessions, be sure, to be honest in everything that you will tell to the professional counselor. Avoid making false statements so that you will not end up being disappointed. Keep in mind that the words of advice from the counselor are primarily dependent on your words. As such, you can never get an honest opinion from him if you will keep on lying. If this continues to take place for a long time, there is a high tendency that the online counseling sessions will fail. Remember that you can always trust the said professional when it comes to your secrets and thoughts. Take note that he is not allowed to divulge any information to third parties.


Always Show Up On Time


One crucial mistake that you need to avoid in online counseling arrangements is canceling a booked appointment or meeting. Take note that it is unprofessional to do such thing especially if you make such cancellation on the last minute or for a small cause. Keep in mind that you will still be charged for any canceled booking. At the same time, it is also recommended to always show up on time for the online sessions. Do not let the online counselor waiting for you. Take note that once the time starts; you will automatically become obligated to pay for the professional services. There are no excuses at all unless the online counselor himself causes the delay.




Now that you are aware of the tips and tricks on how to deal with an online counselor be sure to follow them immediately. Consider yourself lucky if you can find a skilled counselor who can provide the best kind of assistance or support. As long as you know how to follow the tips, everything is going to be okay. If for some reasons, online counseling fails without your fault, feel free to check for a refund from the company provider. However, be sure to do it calmly. Remember that you can still get what you want without acting disrespectful.


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Things To Know Before Going To An Addiction Treatment Center

Accepting that you have a parent, brother, sister, or another family member who suffers from substance abuse is not easy. It tends to make you think as if you had failed to support them when they needed you. Hence, they resorted to depending on alcohol, drugs, gambling, and more addictive stuff to feel alive.

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The good thing is that getting help from any addiction treatment center in the world has changed dramatically over the years. If going to this kind of institution used to carry a stigma, it is no longer a taboo to enter such a facility. In truth, many praise individuals who are not afraid to say that they need help and sign up for rehab themselves. They deserve to be given credit for wanting to turn their life around, become a productive person once more, and leave their addiction in the past.

Nevertheless, before you take your family member to an addiction treatment facility, here are a few things to understand regarding their problem.

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How Addiction Starts

Addiction can be rooted back to substance abuse. Abuse = abnormal + use. When you are a first-time user of the drugs or alcohol, for instance, the chemicals trigger certain parts of your brain that contribute to mood changes. In a sense, they make you feel happy even at small dosages.

The issue with overusing such substances, though, is that your body tends to adapt or get immuned to its effects. That’s the reason why you may want to keep on increasing the doses you take feel ‘high.’ You might do it until you become dependent on the material without realizing it.

Causes Of Addiction

Several factors can push an individual to rely on drugs, sex, gambling, cigarettes, alcohol, et cetera. The old belief is that it is due to a person’s lack of strong will to say no to temptation. Others used to think that the folks who develop addiction turn out that way because they don’t have respect for their lives, their body, and the people around them. It is only recently when studies revealed that it is a likely “brain disease” that enables individuals to do harmful things regardless of the consequences.

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While more researches need to be conducted to pinpoint the real causes of addiction, it is no secret that peer pressure and genetics may have a hand at the matter. Folks who want to belong to a specific group tend to agree to try something dangerous, you see. The kids who grew up watching their parents or guardians engage in addictive activities have a great chance of adopting the same behavior as well.

Can Addiction Treatment Centers Help?

Simply put, they can. None of the facility’s personnel will force you to sit down or stay in the facility if you do not want to. Some people fear that they will be more miserable when they go to rehab, but it is far from reality.

Still, you have to help them help you. It is like when there are two of you on a boat, and the oars are fixed on both ends. If only one person is rowing, and the other is too busy taking selfies to at least hold the paddles beside them, then you will both be in the middle of a lake or ocean for hours. After all, that boat will not move much with just one rider doing all the work.

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What To Expect From Rehab

The treatment begins with naturally removing the substance in the person’s body. Then, the patient will get assessed for depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses, which often co-morbid with addiction (more information available in sites like verwellfamily.com and whattoexpect.com). Once their true condition becomes clear, they can meet counseling professional.

Medications may or may not be used throughout the whole process. The decision to prescribe pills to the patient depends on how difficult it is for them to endure the withdrawal stage. Some individuals cannot receive drug treatment, though, especially if they entered the facility due to substance abuse.

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Furthermore, there are cases in which the patient may sign up for an inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation program. The former means that they need to remain at the center for a fixed amount of time, while the latter entails that they only have to go there a few times a week. After the treatment, the counselor may ask them to come back for follow-up checkups to avoid setbacks.

How Much Rehab Costs

Rehabilitation programs cost a few thousands of dollars, depending on the number of days you sign up to. The usual programs last from 30 to 90 days. Generally, patients who wish to stay in the center pay more than the outpatients. Hence, whether it is you or a loved one who has to get help from an addiction treatment center, you need to consider getting the support of a trustworthy insurance company that can share your expenses.

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Final Thoughts

Your family member can let go of addiction – it is not impossible. They merely need to open up to themselves and to the people who can assist them in doing so.

Go through the things mentioned above before heading to an addiction treatment center. Good luck!

Success Is Nothing But A Dream (Unless You’ll Work Your Way Through It)

Nobody cares about what you want to do with your life. However, some people think that what you do and don’t do affects your future. Perhaps it’s true. But the whole point of creating life-long decisions is all about you reaching for success. Therefore, everything you desire will remain as is if you will not find yourself working through the things you want to achieve.

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Most people quit their dreams due to disappointments. The collection of pain and failure makes them weak and unaware of their capabilities. That is because they end up doubting themselves. The constant self-questioning takes every positive thing away. It pulls people down and brings them back to the start once again.

Identify What Success Means To You

There will be a time that you’ll experience hardships. It’s inevitable and out of your control. But it doesn’t imply you should stay away from what currently inspires you. Identify what you want, learn about the things that you need, and look forward to the dreams you want to achieve. Always remember what success means to you and how great it will affect you. Avoid concentrating on “what ifs” and “I can’t do it” because it DOESN’T help at all.

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Think About Starting The Process

You already know that reaching for something is not going to be easy. There are times that it will make you crawl up in bed and not wanting to get up. The procedure is deteriorating, exhausting, depressing, and somehow not at all worth it. And sometimes, the changes you want to make in your life become impossible due to the unpredictable situations. But, will you allow it to hold you back?

Let’s assume you already have something that you desire. Don’t just picture yourself attaining it without doing anything. Don’t complain and do something about it. Success will never fall right into your hands if you won’t spend time looking, working, and struggling for it. Instead of thinking how exhausting and damaging the whole process will be, plan your way through it little by little. Take chances and don’t be afraid of acquiring the risk.

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Change The Way You See Things

Yes, there is a tremendous certainty that you will fail in an attempt to gain success, but don’t let it define you. You are more than that. Instead of crying and keeping yourself broken from the worst things in your life, pick up the piece and rebuild yourself again. Change the way you see things and positively use the negativity. It’s essential for you to believe in yourself because your mental strength depends on it. When no one else is going to stand by you, you still have “YOU.”

Since your mind works in surprising ways, your thoughts become the foundation of your whole success. So do not limit the things you can do because you can create and live in it. Your dream or aspiration in life is nothing but a godforsaken desire. But if you choose to make it real, then you have to work your way through it.

Everything You Need To Know About Energy Therapy


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Energy therapy is a healing technique that we recommend to our clients who seek a holistic approach toward resolving emotional, physical, or psychological problems. The practice, as mentioned in a previous post, started centuries ago in the Eastern region and is now prevalent even in Europe or the United States.

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Improve Your Life: 5 Benefits Of Energy Therapy

It has been more than a thousand years since energy therapy was used for healing. It is believed that all life on earth has an energy field. All blockages or disturbances of the energy inside us can cause illnesses and other health problems. This is what www.drginaprigoff.com/ has discussed.

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Success Is Not A Theory: Career Counseling Can Help You Get There

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All of us are dreaming of success. Whether we want to be a teacher, an engineer, an architect, a pilot, a doctor, a lawyer or whichever profession we choose, success is always our goal. It doesn’t end with being one, but we will always aim for success which is determined by how well we do in our jobs and how we portray ourselves as well.

Many professionals opt for career counseling for guidance, because all professions come with challenges, and we all need help from people who understand our situation and our objective. Career counselors have extensive experience in dealing with professionals who are seeking career advancement.

Who can benefit from career counseling?

Career Exploration

Career counseling benefit people who are undecided about their career choice. The career counselor will help you know yourself better and determine your strengths and weaknesses to find which profession might be a good fit for you based on the information you gave your counselor.


Career Change

Career counseling benefit people who are thinking of a career change. Studies show that a person can change careers from 3 to 7 times in a lifetime based on data gathered by The United States Department of Labor (DOL).

There are a lot of factors that could affect your mind about staying in your current profession, especially for those who had a lot of career choices from the beginning.

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A career change could be from the influence of a significant person in your life, the environment, a newly found passion, or it could be a change of heart. Your career counselor will help you clear your mind and come up with the best decision.


Career Development

Career development is determining your way towards success. When you decided to become a doctor, it doesn’t end there. All professions come with challenges. It could be the tasks, the environment, your colleague, your boss, the salary, or anything related to your career. If you feel negative towards any of these, you need to seek the advice of a counselor as these aspects of your career are important in determining your success.

The Don’ts of Success

Don’t Come on Time, Come Earlier

We often hear, “be on time,” but it’s better to come to work 15 to 30 minutes earlier than your schedule. This way, you’d still have time to prepare for your tasks and make your morning greetings.


Don’t Meet Expectations, Surpass Them

Your employer hired you because he saw something in you. He expects nothing less but for you to do well in your job, so don’t just meet their expectations, do your best to excel and surpass them.

All your hard work will never go unnoticed. If you’re still not getting that promotion, you need to assess not just your performance but your personality as well.


Don’t Just Be a Team Player, Be a Key Player


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Your relationship with your colleagues is also important in creating a healthy work environment which is essential in paving your way to success. It is okay to ask for help from your teammates, but it is best that you are the one providing help and support to your team.

Success is not a theory. You have to work hard to be successful in all your endeavors. There are no shortcuts nor lucks. You need to know what your goal is to plan which steps to take, and the most important thing is that you love what you are doing as Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.


Holistic Life: One Body, One Mind, One Soul

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Our overall wellness is not just based on our physical being. Our body is merely the doer of what our mind and soul tells it to do. It is the visible and tangible part of our overall nature. Yes, it is essential to take good care of our body, but some people are too occupied with improving their physical self that they forget the two crucial parts of ourselves as a whole.

There is no shortcut to success. There are many things to do and so many sacrifices to make. Some people opt for holistic life coaching to help them determine their strength, weakness, motives, and desires. It is important to acknowledge these elements of our personality for us to get where we want to be.

What is holistic life coaching?

Holistic life coaching helps in balancing and connecting all three components of life: Our body, mind, and soul. All three are essential to living a healthy and happy life, that’s why they are all should be taken care of equally based on their own specific needs.

Holistic therapies also promote healing. Having all our body parts connected, and holistic treatments help our body, mind, and soul to heal oneself by teaching each component work together for one goal, our overall well-being.

Who conducts holistic life coaching?

Choosing the path of a holistic life coach requires training. A certified holistic life coach took required courses to get certification and degree, and additional requirements to obtain a doctoral degree. Helping someone understand oneself requires extensive training and experience, that’s why certified holistic life coaches are taught different techniques and approaches to be able to apply for one’s betterment.

Our holistic life coach’s goal is to help us identify the essential details of our existence that are often unnoticed from our perspective. This could be a specific behavior or attitude towards a particular situation in life that hinders us from being the best that we can be.

What are essential components of our holistic life?

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Our body is more than just the concrete and tangible part of our being. It is the one that executes our desires and aspirations to become our reality. Without our body, it is impossible to exist in this world we live in. It is our vessel where our mind sits, and our soul dwells.

It is vital to keep our body healthy and robust to be able to face the challenges in life. Our body can be drained physically, so we get tired. We have to rest, eat nutritious food and exercise to keep it at its optimum strength.


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Our mind is where every idea, dream, and plan happens. Every day, our brains work to choose and decide how we are going to live.  Our minds are responsible for creating our goal and thinking how we are going to get there.

A healthy mind plays a vital role in our overall wellbeing. Too much thinking or worrying about things that are sometimes out of control make our mind stressed and disturbed. A disturbed brain can lead to several mental health disorders like anxiety and depression.


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Nobody fully understands or knows where the soul is, but it is within us. It is what makes us feel. You have probably heard people say, “You have touched my heart,” and there are times when they would say, “You have touched my soul.” Soul gives a deeper meaning to that statement. Why? Because the soul is the profound and sacred part of our wholeness. It encompasses our profound being which creates our aspirations and desires. It is the core of our thoughts and emotions.

To live harmoniously, the harmony needs to happen within us. Our, body, mind and soul should act and exist as one. Holistic life coaching helps us to know and understand ourselves fully to obtain self-completeness.