Understanding The Basics Of Energy Healing Techniques

energy healing techniques that you can try with your hands
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Energy Healing Techniques – Therapy

From the name and term itself, energy therapy defines a set of techniques that use “energy” to treat and remedy sickness or impending illness. When one says energy, the thing that comes to mind is a non-physical thing, a metaphysical concept, that cannot be takenas a medicine.

This therapy, however, should be treated as complementary to scientific treatments required by severe diseases (especially for cancer patients). Experts show that these energy healing techniques work well with the modern and scientific methods of treatment, speeding one’s healing process. Moreover, energy therapy can reduce the harmful side effects of modern medicines.

Other facts about energy healing techniques are the following:

  • It attempts and aims to restore the balance of the body, mind, and soul.
  • It doesn’t need any expensive and complicated equipment.
  • It can be performed even without an energy healer.
  • It can be done inside the comfort of the home.

Accurate enough, one doesn’t need to go to places and spend a lot just to find a good energy healer.

Natural Techniques Of Energy Therapy

  1. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Also called Meridian Tapping, this technique follows the theory behind acupuncture. It is believed that a person’s meridian system, which is composed of one’s energy pathways, is blocked and causes the physical (or emotional) symptoms. In short, this blocking is the source of imbalance. “Borrowing from principles of ancient Eastern medicine such as acupuncture and acupressure, and combining them with modern approaches to cognitive healing, the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) provides a unique therapeutic tool for individuals hoping to move through their emotional barriers,” according to Dr. John D. Moore, PhD.

Without the needles as what is mainly used in acupuncture, EFT targets the major meridian points by lightly tapping and massaging them using only hands.


  1. Flower Essences

This kind of energy therapy uses the unseen energy and forces of the reproductive part of the plant – the flower – to create harmony in a person’s system. Flowers are said to have a high level of vibration, the highest among the other parts of a plant, which can shoo away the low vibration from the negative qualities.

Flowers are said to have a high level of vibration, the highest among the other parts of a plant, which can shoo away the low vibration from the negative qualities.
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Regarding preparation, only fresh flowers still with morning dew are the ones being collected to be turned into an essence. Each kind of flower, however, has different healing targets.

Flower essence therapy should not be confused with aromatherapy. Unlike the latter, flower essences are either taken orally under one’s tongue or used as a massage oil to the body.


  1. Aura Cleansing Technique

The concept of an aura is that every person has a field of energy and this field can be influenced/affected by other people’s power. Everyone is vulnerable to negativity because our energy fields can absorb even the bad day of your officemate. “Control how much time you spend listening to stressful people, and learn to say “No.”, said Judith Orloff M.D. The use of drugs can also taint auras.

In turn, these negative energies harbored by the energy field are manifested through physical exhaustion and mental problems. There are a lot of aura cleansing techniques that can be easily done in the comfort of one’s home:

  • indulging in a warm salt bath (preferably sea salt)
  • making an aura-cleanser spray out of essential oils (lemon, lime, juniper) and spraying it towards you
  • carrying a crystal with you; placing a crystal on your bed as this is a known aura purifier.
  • wearing your favorite color
  • getting reacquainted with nature; sunlight is also a known and effective aura purifier


  1. Feng Shui (Color Energy Therapy)
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This Chinese art believes that the order of one’s surroundings affects the flow of positive energy. “Feng Shui is based on the belief that there is a continuous flow of energy between humans and their physical surroundings,” said Frank T. McAndrew Ph.D. This technique suggests that color gives off vibrational energy to negate bad vibes resulting to physical weakness and other symptoms.

Designing one’s own home of non-random colors can turn it into a healing sanctuary. Like in the flower essence therapy, each color also represents and brings different fields of vibe in a room.


Green: Harmony, Love, Communication

Blue: Calmness, Peace

Violet: Intuition, Meditation

Red: Stability, Passion

Orange: Productivity, Emotional Expression

Yellow: Personal Power, Intellect


Regardless of the technique and type of energy healing to be used, the most critical step of successful energy therapy is one’s intention and the mindset in general. Take note, however, that energy therapy should not be used as a substitute for medical care.