Holistic Healthcare Approach And Its Contribution To Psychiatry

The holistic approach to health views physical health in conjunction with your emotional, psychological, and mental state. It plays a role in your mindset, beliefs, feelings, and behavior. Everything in your wellbeing is connected and affects one another. It also creates a connection with your entire lifestyle as well as your character as a person.  Valerie Knopik, PhD – Director of Research for Yoga Medicine says, “When we practice mind-body techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, and focused intention tasks, we influence brain activity in regions that are involved in reducing psychological stress and increasing the parasympathetic response.  This can, over time and with practice, ease anxiety and increase mood.”

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Holistic Approach To A Person’s Feelings  

The state of attaining holistic development has something to do with your emotional portrait that affects your psychological function. It starts with your current emotions that you get from the result of the way you think, the food you eat, the things you do, the information you gather, and people you socialize with. Since everything is interconnected and affects one another, your feelings serve as a signal to your body which tells you that it requires attention for you to be able to physically accept whatever feelings you are experiencing. You might feel exhausted, depressed, sad, and lonely, which somehow shows visibility through the physical expressions you make. 

BetterHelp experts believe that eventually, the overall health of the body follows a pattern that your emotons are trying to tell.  “What you take in from your environment matters a great deal to your emotional well-being, because it stays active in your subconscious mental space for a period of time, even after the event is long over,” said Jennice Vilhauer Ph.D. Since the notion of physical and emotional health comes intangible, all the negative blocks of energy from the body can cause too much stress and anxiety. That’s how the mental state has been affected in some ways.  

What Cause Your Holistic Growth To Deteriorate? 

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Health experts often say that the harmony of your body, mind, and soul is viewed as your natural state from a holistic perspective, but once you neglect positivity you will eventually suffer from certain health conditions. Poor diet, damaging lifestyle, trauma, and insecurities can cause dysfunctions that destroy your healthy state from different angles. It causes mild to severe complications if you tend to ignore most of the symptoms and signs. Your holistic approach starts to deteriorate when you focus on doing damaging things such as smoking, alcohol drinking, binge eating, sleeping late, and a lot more. 

The psychiatric connection of holistic deterioration can cause several mental illnesses. Not only does it keep you away from focusing on the relevant factors of healthy living, but it also impairs you from doing productive tasks on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are psychiatric treatments that can help you bring back the harmony that controls your inner and outer health. You can start finding one at this app.

Some of the treatments used in holistic development are the following 

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  • Dietary change – The alteration of the types of food you put in your body 
  • Lifestyle change – The removal of bad habits that damages your health 
  • Particular exercise – A daily physical routine that helps in immunity-boosting 
  • Nutritional therapy – Considering eating healthy and nutritious food 
  • Aromatherapy – The use of essential oils, plants, and herbs  
  • Yoga And Meditation – Finding inner peace with the use of mindfulness and stretching exercises 
  • Acupuncture – The stimulation of several points of the body that helps in releasing the flow of energy 
  • Massage therapy – Used to reduce a variety of physical health-related issues. 
  • Psychological therapy – Treating mental disorders by focusing on the cognition and behavior of a person 

The proper knowledge of the importance of a holistic approach enables you to reach concrete overall health. It will become useful to fight the everyday stressors that you may face accordingly. You just have to focus on your desire of getting good health and surely, everything else will follow. As what John M. Grohol Psy.D suggested, “Find a rhythm that works for you and then stick to it.”