Improve Your Life: 5 Benefits Of Energy Therapy

“Energy therapy refers to interventions that address the body’s negative and positive energy flows to enable healthier physical and emotional functioning,” according to Susan Heitler Ph.D. It has been more than a thousand years since energy therapy was used for healing. It is believed that all life on earth has an energy field. All blockages or disturbances of the energy inside us can cause illnesses and other health problems. This is what has discussed.


5 Benefits of Energy Therapy

 1.      Relieves Stress

Energy therapy helps us relax and release negative energy from the body. It relieves us of stress, promoting good mood and a better perspective towards everything around us. Life is full of challenges, and our mind is sometimes overwhelmed with constant worrying. Energy therapy helps us release all these and focus on the positive energy. According to James Lake, M.D., a board-certified psychiatrist, “Patients who received hands-on or distant Reiki treatments experienced significant and equivalent improvements in depressed mood and stress, which were sustained one  year after treatment was terminated.”

2.      RestoresHealth

When you put positive energy into your mind and set it to heal oneself, you can tell your body to do so. Our body is, after all, a system where all its parts to the one another. When we set our mind to healing, the positive energy is felt restoring health to the affected areas by releasing positive energy.

3.      Promotes Peaceful Life

Energy therapy is all about harnessing the positive energy and getting rid of the negative ones that disturb our inner peace. It helps us create a balance within us. It helps us find calmness and gives us a positive outlook towards everything. We will notice that the things that usually upset us may no longer affect us negatively.

4.      Helps Us Achieve Our Goal

Having a positive outlook on life is always an advantage when it comes to achieving our goals. Energy therapy aims to clear our thoughts with negativity, discouragement, and other things that may hinder us from being successful. Energy therapy helps us focus on our goals, preventing any hindrance to get through us.



5.      Helps Us Find Our Purpose

When we have a clear mind, we have a better understanding of ourselves. It is essential to know one’s identity and self-worth. If we know our strengths and weaknesses, we can determine how we can contribute to the people and things around us how we can give back.

Every living thing has an energy field. Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson, a Family Medicine doctor trained in Integrative Medicine who is also an energy healer says that “the energy in our bodies is not ours.”

Learning how to harness the positive energy has made this hard, but if we put our time and patience in perfecting this method, we can achieve something that is more than just what we originally hoped for: overall wellness and peace.