How To Kick Start Your Holistic Lifestyle


In this fast-paced world where everything is instant and ready-to-go, people often forget the value of leisure and slow growth. Individuals are equipped with a mindset that everything should be done as quickly as possible to tick the next thing on the checklist. Society made it a necessity to have a fast-moving regime to avoid the frightening thought of competitors emerging and being one step ahead of us.

While that attitude and mentality in life aren’t necessarily incorrect nor unwholesome, this frame of mind, once overworked beyond the capacity of a human being, may just be the cause of a corresponding quick decline in life.

In a world filled with 3-minute meals, a never-ending agenda and a jam-packed calendar, it is equally important and beneficial to our overall quality of life to relax, take a deep breath, and trust the process—no matter what speed it takes.

The question is: How do we kick-start a healthier, more holistic lifestyle in a way that is familiar to us?


  • Cut The Soda

Through the years, soda has become essential to our lives. However, with its high sugar content and synthetically derived ingredients that may cause diabetes, obesity and other diseases, it’s time to start cleansing our body from that and satisfy our thirst with healthier, cleaner alternatives. It’s definitely not an easy task, so don’t pressure yourself and just gradually eliminate all soda from your life!

  • Increase Your Water Intake

Elementary science has taught us that our body is 75% water, so take that huge glass of water and drink it! Water has numerous positive effects on our body, aside from satisfying thirst. It cleanses our body, flushes toxins and ensures our body functions adequately. Plus, you have complete freedom to add a slice of lemon or whatever fruit you feel to add that extra jazz.

  • Say No To Fast Food

Yes, fast food is cheap, quick and delicious, yet it is also quick to bring unhealthy danger to our health. Instead, eat where the food takes 20 minutes to be served and amuse yourself with your surroundings. Better yet, explore the intimate art of home-cooked meals. Uncover your inner chef and discover the perfect way how you like your food to be cooked, even as simple as how you like your eggs. “You can also make changes by slowly substituting bad foods with good ones. Experiment with different grains, fruits, and vegetables,” suggests Donna M. White, LMHC, CACP.

  • Get Your Body Moving

This doesn’t necessarily mean a full-blown workout. It can be as simple as being active outdoors—a stroll in the park, a day at the beach, whatever you like. Spend time away from your black screens and explore the world, even if it means going to a part of your small town where a greatly hyped festival is being held. John M. Grohol, Psy.D. says, “Think about all the unusual, simple ways you can do more exercise by simply making different choices in your daily life, too. Instead of taking the elevator up two floors, why not take the stairs?”

  • Respect Your Body

Understand that you are not a machine and that your body gets tired, too. We must listen to our body and give it all the rest it deserves. Getting sufficient sleep is one crucial matter that majority of individuals overlook. Sure, your 3 hours of sleep in the wee hours of the early morning enabled you to get more things done, but your body will respond later on and declare fatigue. According to clinical psychologist Michael J Breus Ph.D., “Managing stress and ensuring a routine of plentiful, high quality sleep are critical to protecting your health.”

  • Take Time To Be Alone

Know that toxic people do exist, and recognize that they are not healthy for your well-being. Spend time with yourself on a day off—whether by being lazy in your pajamas and reading a new book with jazz on the background or taking a much-awaited out of town trip.

  • Breathe Deeply!

Do not rush things. Appreciate that some things take time; instead, partake in the process and grow gradually. Take a deep breath and keep in mind that just like a house, a strong foundationis needed and the house will not stand strong and firm when you set up everything overnight without waiting for the bricks to settle and the paint to dry.