Uncovering The Truth: Debunking Common Life Coaching Myths

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Some people may have only seen life coaches on television sitcoms and comedy movies such as Yes Man starring Jim Carrey. However, this is a very stereotypical portrayal of life coaches that may perpetuate many misconceptions and myths about the profession.

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How To Kick Start Your Holistic Lifestyle

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In this fast-paced world where everything is instant and ready-to-go, people often forget the value of leisure and slow growth. Individuals are equipped with a mindset that everything should be done as quickly as possible to tick the next thing on the checklist. Society made it a necessity to have a fast-moving regime to avoid the frightening thought of competitors emerging and being one step ahead of us.

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An Overview of Energy Healing Techniques – Improving Your Health & Wellbeing


Energy healing techniques
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Pranic healing therapies define a set of procedures that use “vitality” to treat and remedy sickness or impending illness. A form of complementary and alternative medicine based on the belief that vital power flows through the human body.

When one says energy, the thing that comes to mind is a non-physical thing that cannot be taken as medicine.

These energy healing techniques, however, should be treated as complementary to scientific treatments required for severe diseases (especially for cancer patients). Experts show that these energy healing techniques work well with modern and scientific methods of treatment. Moreover, energy healing therapy can reduce the harmful side effects of modern medicines.

Other Facts About Therapy Processes

    • Energy healing therapies attempt and aim to restore the balance of the body, mind, and soul.
    • It doesn’t need any expensive and complicated equipment.
    • It can be performed even without an energy healer.
    • It can be done inside the comfort of the home.

Accurate enough, one doesn’t need to go to places and spend a lot just to find a good energy healer.

Ways Of Energy Healing

Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT)

Also called Meridian Tapping, this technique follows the theory behind acupuncture. It is believed that a person’s meridian system, which is composed of one’s energy pathways, is blocked and causes physical (or emotional) symptoms.

In short, this blocking is the source of imbalance.

“Borrowing from principles of ancient Eastern medicine such as acupuncture and acupressure, and combining them with modern approaches to cognitive healing, the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) provides a unique therapeutic tool for individuals hoping to move through their emotional barriers,” according to Dr. John D. Moore, PhD.

  1. Without the needles as what is mainly used in acupuncture,
  2. EFT targets the major meridian points by lightly tapping and massaging them using only hands.

Flower Essences Therapy

This kind of energy technique uses the unseen energy and forces of the reproductive part of the plant – the flower – to create harmony in a person’s system. Flowers are said to have a high level of vibration, the highest among the other parts of a plant, which can shoo away the low vibration from the negative qualities. Regarding preparation, only fresh flowers still with morning dew are the ones being collected to be turned into an essence.

Each kind of flower, however, has different healing targets.

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Flower Essences Usages

Flower essence therapy should not be confused with aromatherapy. Unlike the latter, flower essences are either taken orally under one’s tongue or used as a massage oil to the body.

Aura Energy Cleansing Therapy

The concept of an aura is that every person has a field of energy and this field can be influenced/affected by other people’s power. Everyone is vulnerable to negativity because our energy fields can absorb even the bad day of your officemate. “Control how much time you spend listening to stressful people, and learn to say “No.”, said Judith Orloff M.D. The use of drugs can also taint auras. In turn, these negative energies harbored by the energy field are manifested through physical exhaustion and mental problems.

Aura Healing Techniques

An aura healing technique that can be easily done in the comfort of one’s home:

    • indulging in a warm salt bath (preferably sea salt)
    • making an aura-cleanser spray out of essential oils (lemon, lime, juniper) and spraying it toward you
    • carrying a crystal with you; placing a crystal on your bed as this is a known aura purifier.
    • wearing your favorite color
    • getting reacquainted with nature; sunlight is also a known and effective aura purifier

Feng Shui (Color healing Therapy)

This Chinese art believes that the order of one’s surroundings affects the flow of positive energy. “Feng Shui is based on the belief that there is a continuous flow of energy between humans and their physical surroundings,” said Frank T. McAndrew Ph.D. This technique suggests that color gives off vibrational energy to negate bad vibes resulting in physical weakness and other symptoms. Designing one’s own home of non-random colors can turn it into a healing sanctuary.

Like in the flower essence therapy, each color also represents and brings different fields of vibe to a room.

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    • Green: Harmony, Love, Communication
    • Blue: Calmness, Peace
    • Violet: Intuition, Meditation
    • Red: Stability, Passion
    • Orange: Productivity, Emotional Expression
    • Yellow: Personal Power, Intellect

Final Thoughts And Insight

Regardless of the technique and type of energy healing to be used, the most critical step of successful energy therapy is one’s intention and the mindset in general. Take note, however, that energy therapy should not be used as a substitute for medical care.


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10 Holistic Practices You May Want To Try

Does it bother you that drugs and medical treatments may not be sufficient to help you get rid of your current or future ailments?

A lot of people have this worry at the back of their minds. Some pills don’t possess a seal of approval from government authorities, while others show adverse effects after days or years of taking them. Though the manufacturers’ honesty about their clinical assessment is commendable, knowing these things aren’t too calming for many.

Since it may genuinely take decades for scientists to perfect – if they ever can – the essential drugs, patients tend to look into holistic practices as alternative or complementary healing methods. Should you want to try one as well, you may choose from these ten treatments:


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Traditional Chinese Medicine

“One of the approaches to consider to counteract nutrition trauma is to restore the use of traditional, authentic whole foods that have been used for hundreds and even thousands of years by your ancestors”, cited Leslie E. Korn Ph.D., MPH, LMHC, ACS, NTP. It is a centuries-old approach from China that combines drinking herbal concoctions with mental and physical training to improve a person’s well-being. TCM is already a success in other countries, and many prefer it over Western medicine.


It is a form of massage therapy that targets the pressure points throughout the body. Other than relaxation, some go to a reflexologist to somewhat improve their asthma, diabetes, sleep, and various health issues.


The homeopathic approach follows the Law of Similars. The practitioner finds out the origin of the illness, and then formulates a medicine from plants that produce parallel indications to a healthy fellow.


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In case you suffer from chronic pain, this Chinese healing method may also be suitable for your well-being. Needles will become strategically inserted into the skin for some time.


Acupressure is more comparable to acupuncture when it comes to the treatment points. The only difference is that the expert applies force on the problem areas with their feet, elbows, or fingers.


This practice focuses on the spine to physically correct any misalignment that may prevent folks from functioning well. It can be a shocking experience for first-timers since the professional will crack your back the same way some do with your fingers, yet it’s a safe technique.


From the term itself, you can deduce that a practitioner will use water to treat someone. A session can include wrapping, douching, or applying mud on the face or the rest of the body to reduce skin inflammation and relax the person. “Water continues to be a healer, perhaps one we should consider more carefully,” suggests psychologist Matthew Smith, Ph.D.


The belief surrounding this holistic approach is that the body can heal when you unblock the individual’s life force. To do that, the practitioner needs to be near the patient to ideally transfer their energy to the ailing body part and speed up the healing process.


Talk therapy applies to individuals who suffer from abuse, trauma, and mental health diseases. Its different forms aim to help patients let go of their issues without taking drugs.


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Of course, we can’t speak of alternative health options without throwing Ayurveda into the mix. Ayurveda recognizes spirituality as a universal dimension of human experience,” according to Frank J. Ninivaggi M.D., F.A.P.A. While it began in India over 3000 years ago, it remains helpful to so many individuals across the globe. The procedure touches base with the natural elements and aims to change the patient’s lifestyle choices for the better.

There are other holistic practices out there, but the ones you read above are the most common treatments that people try. Just keep in mind that they can only complement modern medicine. It is unwise to entirely rely on the former, especially if you are pregnant or have a long-term disease.

Don’t forget to talk to both the health professional and the fringe practitioner about the new method of healing you wish to get to ensure that it won’t aggravate your condition. Good luck!

How Do You Know If You’ve Finally Overcome Your Depression?

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Depression is technically not the scariest mental illness out there, but it is still among the most incurable ones. Many people have wasted their lives due to this disorder, albeit involuntarily. A lot more of them have taken their lives as well, thinking that that’s their only salvation. Continue reading “How Do You Know If You’ve Finally Overcome Your Depression?”

Will Having A Life Coach Be Good For You?

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Don’t worry, it comes as no surprise to us if you or some people you know still view having a life coach as an unnecessary luxury. Yes, while getting a life coach does incur extra costs that weren’t previously known to you before, there are numerous physical, emotional and spiritual benefits that you just can’t put a price tag on. According to Norman Munro, a registered psychotherapist, “Commonly, life coaches will want you to examine several critical life areas, such as health, work and career, relationships, spirituality, and financial status, and evaluate how you feel about them.”


Does having a life coach work for everybody? It all depends, and that is what we are here to talk about with you today.



Misconceptions About Life Coaching

First, let’s clear up any idea you might have about life coaching. Proctor Gallagher Institute sums it up into five of the most common myths about life coaching. First, although certain institutions offer certification courses, not all life coaches are professionals.


The practice is not formally regulated, unlike medical doctors or engineers, so in a sense, anyone can be a life coach. The key is to get to know the person’s credentials and persona well before engaging in any arrangement.


Second, just because someone has a life coach, doesn’t mean they are problematic people or aren’t capable of moving this forward for themselves. The proof is that some of the most excellent and successful people we know today sought a life coach for some different reasons, but what we know for sure is that the quality of their lives still had room for improvement, as does everyone.


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Third, it’s a waste of time that you could be spending on other things. We’ll tell you upfront that the frequency of you meeting a life coach is dependent on your situation and upon the advice of your life coach. Meetings can happen anywhere from once a week to once a month, and doesn’t even need to be in person!


Fourth, and probably the most common misconception, is that life coaches are primarily the ones to instruct you on how to run your life. If you think that life coaches will decide for you or dictate your actions, then you are very wrong. What they will do, however, is influence you into making better decisions for yourself and a lot to do with behavior. They will tap into your good behaviors and help you let go of the bad ones.


Lastly, and the one that needs the least debunking, is that you need to be rich to have a life coach. Yes, having a life coach is an extra expense that you may or may not afford, but what we can assure you is that having a life coach has a very high return on investment.


Do I Even Need A Life Coach?

Now, we get to the most critical question we ask. Do I need a life coach? Moreover, will have a life coach be good for you? The simple answer is yes, everyone could use a life coach because some of the most evident signs are very general, everyday encounters. According to Rachel Lee Glass, a practicing psychotherapist and life coach, “Life coaching has a legitimate place in the mental health field.” We will sum it up into three main points for you to get a grasp of why people hire life coaches.


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The first sign is that you feel the weight of the decisions you need to make. It can either mean you’re in a position of power where the choices you make affect some people around you. Alternatively, you have anxiety when it comes to making decisions. Here is where a life coach can best help you.


Second, you have this longing to improve or exceed your current state in life. If it means you’re feeling down in the dirt, a life coach could help understand and evaluate your status and help you figure out a way to get back up again. It also means you feel you need a companion whose purpose is to figure things out with you.


Third, and the most relatable, it could be that there are many feelings you have that you just can’t explain. A life coach will tell you that it is entirely okay not really to know what you’re feeling.


What If I Cannot Afford a Life Coach?

Not to worry! Self-improvement doesn’t need to cost much. If you can’t afford a life coach but have the same drive to want that balance and control in your life, then you can be guided similarly. Lookup lists of recommended books by life coaches or some written by them too! They offer great advice in writing as they do in person as well!

Life coach Gina Pickersgill from London, UK, explains her approach: “I try to get the person to realize where they want to go, and then to come up with their own solutions to get there. I challenge clients to accept that they have choices and can change. I try to help them get clarity about what they want, then I make them commit to specific goals and an action plan.”

Read up on stories about people who have benefitted from life coaching and take some of the lessons they’ve learned, and apply it to your life! You’d be surprised at where your determination can take you.




Why You Should Splurge Sometimes

I recently told my parents and their old-time friends that I would take them back to the city that we visited together 18 years ago. After all, my birthday was coming up at the time, and it would be like my special treat for them. Some of them expressed their excitement, but others showed their discomfort towards the splurging that I wanted to do. Judi Cinéas, Ph.D. and LCSW is a psychotherapist who points out that splurging should be viewed as a reward. “When working on goals, I always recommend that clients set a reward schedule,” she says. “Those rewards can include splurging on things they normally don’t get.” Continue reading “Why You Should Splurge Sometimes”