The Art Of Energy Therapy – How To Practice It

Your body consists of electromagnetic fields or mostly known as ‘aura.’ Everything in the world has a unique aura. There will be a time that you will tend to pick up the damaging energy from other people and the environment, and that can somehow affect your feelings, behavior, and perception. You may tend to lose your central energy, making it impossible for you to work on a task functionally.  


When a person has negative energy, they seem to lose focus. They become more susceptible to making bad decisions in life. Therefore, everything they see and feel attracts a depressing vibe. So what can you do about it? “Simple exercises in energy healing can restore normal energy flow in the body and facilitate healing,” said Carolyn C. Ross M.D., M.P.H. Here are some energy therapy tips that you can do to help you bring back those lost inner vitalities.  

Create An Energy Ball 


Start the process of energy healing by rubbing your hands together and imagine creating a ball in between it. This ball is called the chi energy that asserts the body’s natural force. It helps in the regulation of energy in the area of your body and targets the part that makes you weak and vulnerable from stress and fatigue. Since most of your energy often gets stuck in some areas of your core, the energy ball releases it by unblocking the force while simultaneously reducing the harmful elements that attempt to damage the body’s overall health system. The process helps in maintaining balance in your mental and physical aspects as well.   

Do An Aura Exercise 

An aura exercise is simple. All you need to do is sit on a chair with your eyes closed. From there, you can start feeling the atmosphere and its connection to your emotional state. You can imagine the aura trying to fill up your entire body and even expand it to a distance that feels right for you. You can use a variety of colors that can somehow describe your mood. It will help you in determining the level of emotions you have. It will eventually assess your feelings and try to reduce the negative ones while improving positive energy. This method is an excellent way of addressing emotional detachments and sometimes helps in managing stressful situations. 

Feel The Vibration – The process of feeling the vibration is called grounding where you visualize an attachment of your body to the earth’s surface so you can feel the energy of the world. It uses the flow of gravity and helps in neutralizing the force that is outside your range.  It also helps in releasing your bad energy such as anger and frustration. It allows you to understand your thoughts by giving you a positive mental state. This technique is a safe way to eliminate depression as well since it can improve emotional strength and stability.  Dr. Valerie Knopik, PhD shares her favorite meditation technique: “I personally love the 10-count meditation, which is simple and effective. You will count each in and out breath until you reach 10 and then start over again.”


Most of the time, we are often caught up in the stressors of our environment, and we sometimes feel that there are no healthy contributions of people around us at all. In that case, energy healing is a great way to bring back your balance in life. It will not only assess the difficult things we experience, but it will definitely help us improve ourselves so we can learn how to deal with the complications of life outside our zone. As what Jennice Vilhauer Ph.D. said, “Well-being doesn’t happen because you wish for it; it happens because you do the things that bring it into your life.”