Why You Shouldn’t Do Overtime Work Often

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I could genuinely relate to the primary topic at the 2017 Health Symposium: what excessive overtime work does to you. Similar to millions of workers out there, I once thought that I was invincible, that I could cover 1.5 shifts for almost every day of the week. However, my body proved me wrong when my colleagues found me in the hallway, unconscious. The doctor diagnosed me with fatigue and made me get an entire month of rest.

My health returned to normal soon enough, but I did not try working too much for too long again. Besides a weak immune system, I realized the following:

It Stresses You Out
Doing overtime work is very noble but also extremely stressful. Imagine, after eight or nine hours of working full-time, you need to extend it for two to three hours more. It may seem doable in the beginning, but after some time, it is as if you can no longer keep up with the activities that you have decided on for yourself.

Source: rawpixel.com

It Leaves You Too Tired For Your Family
When you always work for more hours than the boss expects from you, all you get to do at home is sleep. There may not even be time to eat because the exhaustion makes you pass out in bed. Because of that, it may be impossible for you to have a healthy conversation with your spouse, parents, or kids.

It Turns You Into An Angry Monster
The worst consequence of working overtime too much is that you turn into a snappy creature slowly but surely. Gone will be your patient self; it’s replaced by an angry monster who yells at anyone who doesn’t get your orders the first time.

Do you see these characteristics in yourself or your loved one? If you do, then you should probably start apologizing to the people around you. After that, you need to find a way to avoid overtime work. That’s the only way for you to have a peaceful life.