Self-Affirmations To Keep Mental Health Issues At Bay

I watched the movie Ugly Dolls a little while back. Yes, I know it is for kids. No, I have no children of my own or nephews and nieces who begged me to watch it with them. But I felt intrigued after seeing the characters on the poster, so I went to the cinema just for it.

When the movie was already playing, I thought, “I would have missed out on such an incredible work of art if I didn’t do this.” Beyond the beautiful animation and songs was a storyline that more adults than children could relate to.


(Note: Spoilers are coming up.)

For one, Ugly Dolls was about a group of defective plush toys that lived in Uglyville. Once they found a passage that might realize their dreams of being owned by a child, they went in despite others’ discouragement. The dolls also faced the fact that the perfect ones were often sent to the real world, but it didn’t stop them from trying. 

Although the movie had a happy ending for the not-so-gorgeous dolls, I still felt a lingering sadness even when I went back home. What they experienced was no different from what many people dealt with all their lives. We had been told that we couldn’t do something because of our complexion, height, body type, etc. The more we heard the same thing, the more we believed that, thus giving us mental health issues.

But I say that that’s enough. Here are the self-affirmations you need to start telling yourself now to keep your mental health intact.


I Worked Hard For Everything I Have

Folks with low self-confidence tend to feel ashamed of splurging or buying whatever they want because their friends or family members might comment unkindly about it. And if they ended up doing that, they tried hard to hide it from others, worrying that they would become the talk of the town.

Well, letting other people dictate what you should do with your money is crazy. They are not your spouse, and you are not spending their dollars, so who are they to rule your life? 

You need to come to terms with the fact that not everyone will be happy for your success. It is easy for them to label everything you do negatively because that’s the only way for them to feel happiness. So, next time, be proud of what you have since you have worked hard to get it.


I Am Strong Enough To Avoid Depending On Others

Dependent individuals are those who cannot make any decisions for themselves on their own. They don’t ask for money or other favors, but their self-esteem is so low that they find it impossible to do things without others’ approval.

As previously said, that is a problem because you are effectively giving up the reins to your life by valuing other people’s opinions more than your own. You should look at yourself clearly in the mirror to see that you are not a weakling at all. You have a job, you pay your bills on time, and you don’t walk all over the folks around you. Hence, you are strong enough to stop depending on others.


I Don’t Need Anyone Who Can’t Accept Who I Am

A lot of people in awful relationships stay in it in fear of being alone forever. Some get angry when their partner beats them up, but they crawl back in the arms of the abuser, hoping that they will eventually change. Others have been cheated on so many times that they merely turn a blind eye and wait for their partner’s frolicking days to be over.

In truth, doing any of that is a recipe for self-destruction. After experiencing such things for the first time, you should have already left. Remember: if a person has tried committing abuse or infidelity, they will probably do it again later. That’s especially true if they know that you will always take them back.

Develop some self-respect – you don’t need anyone who cannot cherish and accept who you are.


It Is Okay Not To Hide My Feelings, Good Or Bad

Depression is one of the conditions that begin when you cannot let your feelings spill out in the open. As gross as it sounds, it is comparable to a zit that digs deeper underneath your skin when you push it down. You tend to only think of consulting a doctor when it’s already inflamed and affecting your relationships.

The reality is that you need not hide how you feel, regardless if it’s loveable or hateful. You don’t have to consider everyone’s feelings all the time either, even if that may be the norm. Sometimes, people need to hear awful things as a wakeup call. Doing so will also help reduce your troubles, so it’s fantastic.

Final Thoughts

Life won’t ever be full of daisies and unicorns, especially when you don’t exemplify the standard of beauty that others have set. Despite that, why should you allow that to dampen your happiness and limit the things that you want to do? 

Recite the self-affirmations above every day to keep mental health issues at bay. Cheers!

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Finding Inspiration From The Companies Eric Lefkofsky Created



With technology as the ultimate propeller that drives all of his business ventures forward, Eric Lefkofsky has inarguably a lot of products and services to offer to the citizens of the planet. A highly intellectual man, in 1993 he earned a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Michigan Law School and is presently working in the University of Chicago as an associate professor. Nevertheless, his excellence extends to the companies he has founded over the years.


It was the first company that Lefkofsky established in 2001. Its headquarters was in Chicago, and the main products they always dealt with included printed materials and other promotional materials that diverse institutions made use of. The business that he thought of in the beginning had given birth to a total of 40 additional franchise locations on the globe.

Echo Global Logistics

Eric Lefkofsky intended for this company to become the most trusted shipping enterprise upon its construction in 2005. How they operated on the shipments was that they took advantage of technological advancements to keep track of the clients who have to send or receive something. Apart from the regular-sized parcels, Echo Global Logistics can deliver retail, building, and processing materials as well.


In 2012, the entrepreneur came up with Mediacoean, a specialized platform which provides the consumers the opportunity to redefine the way they market a brand. This can include (but is not limited to) merger and acquisition, optimization, and invoicing. Its operating system gives its valued clients the flexibility to deal with one another without imperfections, even though the brand came to life when Eric’s old MediaBank and the Donovan Data Systems combined.




Lightbank, on the other hand, is an investment company which offers affordable investment to some of the latest disruptive technology businesses on the land. The difference that Eric Lefkofsky’s brainchild has over the other funding firms is that they do not solely capitalize on banknotes. Also, they are capable of assisting a lot of companies in getting the funds they need as Lightbank has financed over 70 institutions throughout the United States.


Groupon has sealed the spot of this entrepreneur at the top as its reach has gone up to the other end of the globe. The consumers can visit a website, browse various discounts and other deals that their favorite restaurants, shopping brands, etc. have in store for them on that day and pay only a substantial amount to avail the coupons. Sure enough, it still is a highly recognized online marketplace to date.


Eric Lefkofsky has taken a different road with Uptake since this is nothing like the other companies he owns. It is a forecasting firm that can give pieces of advice on how to maximize the brand and lower the chances of going bankrupt via critical data that they analyze.


Tempus is the newest project for Eric. Started in 2015, it is a hi-tech institution that produces operating systems which can fight cancer. The experts in the company study the genome sequence, as well as the therapeutic and molecular information about every patient so that the health practitioners can help save more lives.



Final Thoughts

Eric Lefkofsky exemplifies that you can do anything you put your heart and mind to. No matter how smart this man is, after all, creating such companies has undoubtedly been a tricky job. Thus, it will not be awful if you can achieve at least half of what he has.

Good luck!