Is Your Life Falling Apart Because Of The Pandemic?

Sugar-coating exists because there are times that it is hard to talk about things. That is if it involves emotional and mental reasons. As we continuously experience the changes due to this pandemic, we accumulate more difficulties along the way. Sometimes, we find ourselves tired, and it feels like we are about to give up. With all the instant adjustments we have to deal with and struggles we need to handle, everything is too much. But not all hope is gone. If we somehow think our life is falling apart, here are some of the few things we need to remember.


Remember That The Struggle Is Temporary

What is happening right at this moment might not be beneficial, but soon it will all end. It might not happen right in this second, but everything we are going through will pass. Yes, the process may take quite a while, and the adjustment and sacrifices must be made. But soon, it will be worth it. We may not always recover from this traumatic event, but all of us will find a way to go on with life regardless of the severity of the pandemic’s impact. Our pain and suffering ask for patience. Therefore, we must understand that grieving and recovering from this event is not a linear process.


Allow Things To Just Happen

For us to live an active and meaningful life, we need to focus on things around us. Admittedly, we want to take control of our lives before we can say that we live on the fullest. However, in this time of crisis, we need to acknowledge that there are limited things that we have control over.  So instead of forcing ourselves to analyze the things we think we can prevent, it is much better if we allow it to happen. That way, we can assess our capability in handling situations, and what degree of control is healthy for us. We need to understand that no matter how cautious we are, things can still happen unexpectedly.


Believe That We Can Turn Things Around

We can’t get to choose what life should bring to us. Same as we can’t decide whether this situation should come to an end. However, the thing we can do is manage our lives so that it can take us to where we want to be. Instead of complaining about the things we can’t control, we need to use our ability to adapt. If we find ourselves in a dead-end, we must realize that things won’t change unless we make an effort to change it. Yes, it may take a few tries before we can finally get accustomed to what’s going on. But understanding that fear is useless is essential. We need to focus on things that can fall into places instead of overthinking about the things that may fall further apart.


Note That We Are Not Alone

Most times, this pandemic is causing us a lot of emotional and mental stress. That is because we somehow think that we are alone in this battle. We believe that our problems are unbearable. We focus so much on our pain because we chose to attach all the negativity we experience in this situation. Plainly, life is unfair, and the level of struggle at this moment is different from one another. But if we take a look around, we will come to realize that we have each other. Each one of us has someone out there that genuinely cares for us no matter what. Someone else just like us is trying their best to make it through the day without collapsing.